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I had my first reading with Nadia nearly two days ago and I find it necessary to write my first yelp review to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is searching for a genuinely gifted psychic. I was a bit anxious going to my appointment but I immediately felt at ease with her once our session started. I went to her searching for some clarity and/or guidance and she delivered that and more. I honestly felt like I was speaking to an old friend instead of a stranger. Nadia knew things that I have rarely if ever shared. She was candid, empathic and took the time to explain things throughout the reading. I will certainly seek her services again in the future.

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      Angie R.


    Definitely recommend..... Straight to the point... Makes you feel comfortable, first time you go.

  • Veronica B.

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    5.0 star rating11/25/2018

    My experience with Nadia was great! She pretty much asked me for my name, when I was born, and let the cards do the talking. She was on point with everything that is going on in my career and relationships! She revealed my past and secrets that I've kept to myself for a long time. She also revealed situations in the present that I am struggling with. Her advice and gems are golden! This visit was so warm and worth it.

  • Carla G.

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    5.0 star rating8/31/2018

    Nadia gave me chills from the first second she started speaking until the last word. I wish I could go to her every day, I wish I could talk to her all day, I didn't want to leave. My mom and I both had readings and we are already looking forward to our next visit with her.


Me and my friend went for a reading with natalie and highly enjoyed. Natalie is very good at her job and giving insight about your future. She also will answer any questions she can after your reading. She is very kind and would highly recommend if you want spiritual guidance with your life or even going just for fun.

    • Melissa C.

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      4.0 star rating


She was really good with me explain a lot of feelings I had about my life  , Didn't rush my reading at all she took her time to explain everything she had a very nice energy about her that I did love I will for sure go back . Brittny P. Brooklyn, NY 0 friends 3 reviews 7/14/2017 I had a reading over the phone with Nadia and she connected immediately with my energy. She was very honest with me and I'd like to use her again in the future

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I went to Nadia based on the great reviews I saw and I'm very pleased that I went. She makes you feel very comfortable. She was spot on with things that happened to me in past and present. I'm hoping that some of her future and near future predictions come true as well. I would recommend her and I will be going back!! Joe D. Downers Grove, IL 1 friend 2 reviews 9/19/2017 I had a reading with Nadia today. She is very caring yet honest, and does not sugarcoat her insights. Her clear communication style revealed her wisdom, and she knew very specific information about my past and present. Her advice about the future was peppered with realistic insight about the present and was given with care and compassion. Talking with her felt like reconnecting with an old friend. Will surely be ordering services from her soon and will be in contact. Nadia is fantastic.

  • Nadia was really good and on the money. I also loved the fact she didn't try to sell me anything after reading (something I've experienced in the past.) I def recommend going to her to anyone. Omar M. Bronx, NY 0 friends 1 review Nadia is the truth. Follow her advice and you won't regret it. I've been going to her for about 2yrs now and she is pretty dead on with her predictions. She saved me a lot of time and energy by calling a spade a spade and helping me navigate the bullshit.

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    Nadia was 90% accurate until 20 minutes after I left her home. After I drove off it hit me. Everything she told me was 100% accurate. I wasn't expecting so of what she saw however it was clear to me when I thought things through. I would recommend Nadia to anyone searching for a good reading.

    Ricardo M.

  • Nadia helped me find clarity. I've been feeling lost lately and she guided me down the right path. I'm so grateful for the reading I received. She was very accurate, honest, and kind. I will certainly be going back to see her. She's amazing. You will not be disappointed.  I sought a reputable psychic for clarity and confirmation. Based on the reviews I read on Yelp, and my own sense of connection, I chose Nadia. I got more than I expected. Nadia was candid, accurate, and compassionate. She was able to discern with such accuracy, I felt like she had known me all my life. She was able to see situations in the past as well as things I am facing presently and offered valuable advice. Nadia clearly saw people within my circle and described them with vivid detail. Nadia gave me names of people within my circle she had no possible way of knowing even if you went to my Facebook every day! I absolutely recommend her service if you need honest, true guidance. I will be seeing her in the near future with certainty.

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      5.0 star rating10/25/2017

      Nadia was absolutely amazing.  She was able to accommodate a last minute appointment.  When I arrived, I felt completely at ease and her reading was mostly accurate.  She said things that very little people knew and I was thoroughly impressed.  I Plan on seeing her on a regular basis.

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    • Jersaine L.

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      5.0 star rating9/26/2017

      My friend and I just went to see her today. What I liked about her was that she was blunt and honest with the readings. Before the reading was done she gave us the pricings and what each reading was going to reveal. She was also very flexible with mine and my friends hours because we do have busy schedules. She gave a lot of insight and revealed a lot of information about or past, present, and future. Not only she was blunt about the readings, but she was a caring individual and gave us guidance. I would recommend her to everyone who would like their readings done!

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      She is very patient and kind. She knew everything that was going on in my life; my job, relationship issues, my personality and things to look out for health wise. She is very honest and straightforward and will answer any question that you have. If you are need of advice and guidance, I would recommen

5.0 star rating


very professional, caring  psychic....don't hesitate to use...my experience is incredible accuracy and well worth the fee

Demi B.

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5.0 star rating


This was my first psychic reading with Sophie, I left at ease. Everything she spoke about was spot on and I have clarity of a situation that had been weighing me down deeply. She even prayed with me. I'm pleased with her work and would definitely be going back.

Shari J.


First timer, and everything either resonated or opened up my eyes. I called Nadia and although I wasn't able to meet with her she recommended me over to someone just as great. I got chills and I'm sitting here wondering how perfect this reading was. Will be back for more. Thank you!!!

Andrew A.

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Nadia was amazing. Came to her when I was looking for clarity and guidance & she delivered with insight & an empathetic nature. I highly recommend for anyone. Nadia has a gift & was very helpful.

Nicole F.

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    5.0 star rating3/4/2017 Nadia is the real deal. She is authentic and will make you a believer. I've first started dealing with her around October 2015, since then Nadia has been right about every prediction she has made about my future. She told me the truth about what would and what wouldn't happen, she never sugarcoated anything to make me hear what I wanted to hear. she was always 110% Honest, so far where i am in life right now i am happy because she helped make a great path for my future. Just be advised nothing happens overnight, its a process and what your looking for will happen just be patient and stay positive and don't feel angry if she does not respond back to you, you aren't the only client she deals with so please understand shes helping many others too while helping you. Also I've dealt with other psychics before, those ones give a bad name to the gift of being a psychic, those are scam artist. Nadia is LEGIT, huge difference is the previous two were fake and after my money, Nadia is real and was looking to HELP me and she has..Trust me She proved she has a gift, and changed me from being a negative person to now a positive person. Thank you Nadia.

  • T T.

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    I had a session with Nadia last night. Base on all the reviews, I decided to move forward with her. I wanted to hear what she could read from doing a phone session. Therefore, I was quiet as she started to read my energy.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt she was able to tell me what I was feeling in that moment! It was to a point of shivers. She was even able to tell me when I experience trauma using the age I was as a little girl. I'm going back to see her this weekend in person to have my Chakra and Tarot cards read... I needed her last night and not only did she great feedback, she also listened to me and seemed genuinely interested. I'm also a person that can read when people are listened to me intently over the phone.  I was able to release a lot of tension I was feeling--so you might even say she served as a counselor as well! To be so young, she is VERY MATURE FOR HER AGE AND AN OLD SOUL... She is very busy (which is a good thing) so be PATIENT if at times she is not readily available...  Albeit, when it is your turn, she doesn't rush you and gives you her undivided attention--that in itself was priceless! I've been to other readers in the past--not many but enough to be skeptical.  I have a strong sense of when I'm being taking for a ride... So far, I don't get that feeling about Nadia--I believe she is the real thing!