About My Services

I practice and live up to my spiritual values in my and every advice I give you.

I access divine info and put in Higher hands your needs and wishes. I have the strength and power to connect read and heal all souls and spirits.

Human, Animals, & Deities.  

 Prayers do not go unanswered in the end.


I use tarot cards and pendulum as a way to access their information. I have done professional tarot readings for more than 24 years now.

 I came to learn that this was considered a sign I was recognize a gifted healer, Now I know I am a third generation healer since my great grandmother was the female Druid, nurse, midwife and helper in this little village. Advising and guiding you and everyone else that God sends me my way. God bless you and Peace be with you!!

That being said I have A very special

Connection with all animals

At such a young Age I remember reading animals Seeing there's souls. I couldn't even understand at that age. I was able to feel their worries anxiety's, joy and what they need and some had Human souls.

horses provide a powerful pathway to reconnect with your divine consciousness. This compelling connection between horses and humans stimulates a higher vibration leading to a higher consciousness for both humans and horses. Believe it or Not But horses Carry more energy and emotion than any other animal. They Can free a soul yet damage their own by healing people. 

Realizing I had abruptly developed the ability to communicate with animals, expanded mine existing psychic business to cater to pets.

24 or so years later, Dogs and cats make up the bulk of my clientele, but I have spoken to snakes, horses, wolves and the elephants at Tampa zoo. I was also invited to speak to some police dogs.

If your fur Baby isn't Acting like them self and you are in need of Psychic Pet Readings Please reach out as soon as possible. They Need You!

Animals Have feelings, Chakras, Souls and they love just like us.