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                    Sophie Quick 

Spiritual Healer  * Spiritual Counselor 

Spiritual counseling is not psychological counseling, but rather reflective listening and faith-filled prayer, that helps remind an individual that we are immersed in Spirit and Higher Power is always present in every situation, as a constant resource and a mirror to guide us in what needs to be healed or learned. Spiritual Counseling helps an individual relate spiritual principles and law to stories and situations that they find themselves in. Through this internal processing blocks are removed from our awareness, revealing a deeper understanding and connection in our life. You can search the world for your answers, but until you truly understand yourself and the way you silently, and unknowingly, engage the laws of the universe, the happiness, self-love, inner wisdom, peace and enlightenment you seek will most likely evade you. Let’s affirm, “I am open and receptive to the Infinite One’s inspiration, guidance and healing, flowing through me in this moment now.”

I have the ability to See, Tell, Heal & Guide. In just one session you will be at ease.

With 22 years of experience 97% Accuracy Professional, Caring, Honest, Spiritualist.

Spiritual Counseling gives you an in depth understanding of your situation and personal relationships, and also helps you recognize significant patterns in your life. Your life experience will be explored to discover new insights, invaluable information and a clear perspective on your alternatives for resolving your present circumstances. Defining your strengths and abilities will be an essential part of this counseling.

 As soon as I hear a person’s voice, images and information begin to flow. The direction of the discussion is controlled by a person’s need to know. This determines which subject will be emphasized. The insights are always surprising and satisfying as they clearly guide a person to a place where the reality of the situation is revealed, encouraging the most advantageous decision

intuitive counselor specialize in

*Psychic energy *Tarot cards *Mending broken hearts *Soul Mate Connection.  *Spells *Protections *Cleansing *Removals *Chakra Balancing  *Life Coach *Astrology charts   *Crystal therapy * Crystal Ball *Aura Reading. Offering a variety of services for clients  who are seeking clarity & peace of mind. Clients achieve clarity & Success. Able to focus in their personal & professional lives. 

Sessions may include using crystals, oils, herbs, candles, diets, Home remedies, Prey, Angel Readings, Spirit Guides.

Free Crystals Key chains (white & Rose quartz) With Tarot Card purchase. each crystal has been cleansed & blessed

Having trouble sleeping?

Staying up all night? Your mind racing asking yourself the same questions over & over again? Thinking what went wrong? Stressing about your love life? 

Feeling out of place ? Constantly exhausted, drain because of your relationship, Career, School or Health?

Welcome to Psychic Advice Where clarity is found, Peace of mind is gain & lovers reunite.

I am a calm, gentle, yet powerful counselor that sees the bright side to every dark tunnel, the other side to every high mountain, and victory within every "lost" battle. Together we can explore the depths of the greater you

 I  am love Specialist & expert in connecting soul mates & Twin flames

All Readings are completely private & confidential.



Psychic Readings 

Many people do not know what to expect during a reading, so I wanted to give you a small insight as to what it would look like.  My readings are not bound by location, space, time or distance, meaning we can do a reading together anywhere, anytime.   Some clients have had readings by phone, some at the office, some in their home and some even at a coffee shop.  I believe that sessions work best when we work together.  We will start by setting a clear intention and I will begin to tap in to your energy body through my psychic gifts and through intuition. We will look together into your energetic field, and often times I will relay messages from spirit guides or loved ones.  I generally will receive and relay information through my clair senses to you as I begin to read the language of your energetic body also called the subtle body.  Information comes as images, messages, colors, emotions, impression, sounds, thoughts and feelings.  Often times my body will even relay messages through physical sensations or callings to help relay in depth insight into current physical manifestation of an energy imbalance or block.  My spirit guides often guide me with giving clear advice for my clients to move forward with tangible "to do's" to help find the highest healing possible and often times awakening the divine gifts that have been hidden within my clients.  I have helped remove entities that do not belong in a persons space, helped remove chords to other energy beings, and pass romances and relationship, and even worked with past lives that needed healing and crossing.  It is an incredible process and I love what I do. Sessions are priced at 60-90 minutes, however to be completely transparent, I take my time with my clients and some sessions last nearly 2 hours (yet it feels like minutes).  

861 N Military Trail
Unit A
West Palm Beach, FL 33415
(561) 888 7594

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