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Nadia is gifted Spiritualist/Life coach who has the ability to See, Tell, Heal & Guide. In just one session you will feel like she has known you your whole life.

Without asking any QUESTIONS she will not only reveal all topics of your life and provide guidance and solutions. Absolutely no sugar coating.

Need a spiritual breakthrough or maybe a spiritual wake up call.

Stop sitting & wondering 

Call today.

intuitive counselor specialize in

*Psychic energy *Tarot cards *Mending broken hearts *Soul Mate Connection.  *Spells *Protections *Cleansing *Removals *Chakra Balancing  *Life Coach *Astrology charts   *Crystal therapy * Crystal Ball *Aura Reading. Offering a variety of services for clients  who are seeking clarity & peace of mind. Clients achieve clarity & Success. Able to focus in their personal & professional lives. 

Sessions may include using crystals, oils, herbs, candles, diets, Home remedies, Prey, Angel Readings, Spirit Guides.

Welcome to Psychic Advice

Where clarity is found, Peace of mind is gain & lovers reunite.

My Name is Nadia I'm a  Love Specialist & expert in connecting soul mates & Twin flames

 I have 22 Years of experience.

I have read all walks of life and let me be the first to say Love is a beautiful And amazing Feeling! That First Kiss, That first glance, That smile that can make the sun come out on a rainy day.

  it can be astonishing, intoxicating But it can also cause a pain so deep it can Reach the soul. Sleepless Nights, Loss Of appetite, Sense of lost. I have helped many people Recover in love By healing Sessions,  Spiritual Therapy, Psychic Readings, &  Reuniting . There are many Reasons why Marriage , relationships  don't work . Examples: Interference, Distance, Not communicating, financial stress , in laws, Cheating , Ex lovers, unbalance chakra's, evil eye , Generational Curse ,Low sex drive, Or simple because He/She Isn't your soulmate Or Twin flame .  Don't Give up I know it can be hard and Painful. But You did Nothing Wrong don't blame your self Call today.

All Readings are completely private & confidential.

        Have you been Feeling confused?

Stuck, Frustrated?

Having trouble sleeping. Staying up all night? Your mind racing asking yourself the same questions over & over again?Thinking what went wrong? Stressing about your love life? 

Feeling out of place ? Constantly exhausted, drain because of your relationship?


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