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Nadia is  A taurus #Earthsigh she is kind, gentle, Nurturing Being. who was born with a gift pass down Three generations. She is 98.99% accurate. With over 24 years of experience. Nadia is a professional who loves serving, healing and helping people. 

Psychic Nadia

Offers guidance and answers that your looking for. You can Book a Psychic Energy or Tarot Reading In person or over the phone.

Low vibrations, Confused, Lost without any direction, Feeling hopeless. Doesn't Matter what the problem is, it's still a problem.

A session will allow you to have different perception over a situation that is blinding you.

When you book, you allow me to see the Past, present, and future. I will give you clarity In all areas in your life. Career, Health, Love, Money,  Family, Marriage, ect. Not Only will I give you peace of mind. But will Help you remove obstacles standing in your way.


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We've all Been In the one place where we feel there is No way we can move on,  When it comes to Broken heart. But let's be honest  Not all Relationships are worth saving.

Unless it's a soul mate or twin flame Connections then what else will ever Compare to that type of love and passion. The "completion" that whole feeling.   Isn't that whatsLife is all about.

The Pain of losing some one You truly love Can hurt more than death it self. There may be many reason why your relationship didn't work out here's some examples

  • Timing is off
  • Interference
  • Cheating
  • Black magic
  • Love triangle
  • Chakra Not aligning 
  • Negatively
  • No Soul Connection 

Sitting waiting and asking why? or what happen we were in great place then BooM it was all over isn't going to help.

Call today and find out if your partner is your soul mate or twin Flame if you guys where meant to be and what Caused the separation. Once we have the answers that are needed I will be able to restore Your Relationship.

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